What We Do

Contour Engineering is a custom molder that transforms ideas to reality. Our focus is prototyping, tooling, molding, and dunnage operations.

Have an Idea?

Design is integrating form and function to solve a problem. Design is problem solving at its most creative.

Services We Offer

Contour Engineering offers high-quality products and superior service to our clients.

Design Services

We take your ideas, drawings, and CAD files and transform them into high-quality tooling. Visit our Design services page for more information.

Tooling Development

We develop tooling to produce components and products with high accuracy. Visit our Tooling development page for more information.


We create a plan and do a test run to see if the product meets our quality standards or could be improved. Visit our Prototyping page for more information.

Custom Services

We make prototypes and produce tooling to your exact specifications. Visit our Custom services page for more information.

Industries We Typically Serve

Why partner with
Contour Engineering


  • Accuracy/precision
  • Performance
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Innovation
  • Newest technologies
  • Knowledgeable staff
  • 30 years in the industry
  • Affordable
  • Quality
  • Excellent service


We develop tooling for a variety of manufacturers that produce structural polyurethane foam to provide support in vehicles without adding significant weight.

Sports and Recreation

We provide tooling for the manufacture of a variety of sports equipment, such as padding for sports helmets and the corner pylons that adorn football fields.

Industrial and Construction

If you need a part to build your machine, we have a wide variety of molds to create that precise part, or can provide custom tooling solutions.




Prototypes and Models

Before you begin production, we build prototypes to ensure precision and quality production.

Start to Finish – We do it Here

At Contour Engineering we offer design services, tooling development, prototyping, and custom services.

Careers – Join Our Team

Interested in working at Contour Engineering?  Fill out the form on our Careers page and our hiring department will get in touch!

More Info

Contour Engineering has decades of experience in our industry. Let our expertise help serve your customers’ needs for decades to come!

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